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Hi friends 👋 ​It's Saturday startup, which means we will discover few startups ideas today, but before we dive into these ideas you need to try validate your idea by the available means as soon as possible.

Ideation, validation, building

In 2020, I was laid off, I started freelancing. I invested $700 I had in my bank account in 'Learning by Doing' (it was the budget I saved to buy my fiancee's ring, but never did after) two months before COVID hit in Morocco). I started learning code and no-code, making websites, I bought more than 10 domain names and I used a few, I talked to many founders and makers, I started hundreds of conversations, I joined niche communities, and I launched and failing on newsletters (online opportunities, entrepreneurship, logistics, startups).

In order to validate my personal ideas, I was building them by testing them first while understanding the process through repetition. I was learning by doing. I failed a lot for the 9 consecutive months after March 2020.

I respect practicality. Justin's story matches my own and every person with a 'building mindset'. The only differentiator element in his story is I am not married yet but still spreading the creator mindset by leveraging these startup ideas every Saturday.

Rejection = new opportunity = validated startup idea

Every human being has a failure record. That same history sometimes can be used as a catalyst to bring value or creation or convert a pain point into a business opportunity. I have seen a lot of makers shipping products because they suffer from the lack of those solutions.

​I admire those creators because they are responsibly aware of giving to the community. The Apple story is one of these stories.

Adrian is a real example. My friends, we need more creators with added value and a building mindset. This will help us X10 before the others, ask any builder and you'll get tons of inspiring answers.

​I once asked Sam Liebeskind from the Geneva team in a discovery call before their Product Hunt launch, I was SO curious and I brought a lot of questions with me. ​I said: "why are you building the Geneva app and what's the secret behind the name Geneva?"

​He answered: "a clause of Geneva convention laws mentioned that everyone is looking for peace and building a home after the second world war, so we are working on this community platform since 2017 to gather people and bring peace to the community world.

​"It's always sunny on Geneva" 💗.

Incentive language learning

Here's Zachary P Currier's explanation: "Many language learning platforms are in the form of online learning. Which is preferred because you can move at your own pace! But the reward for finishing a $200 course is a gold digital star. Let's change that".

​"With this new incentive system, we'll be able to reward the top performers or a small group with an exciting trip abroad where their target language is spoken!"

​"Really simple startup idea, power nonetheless!"

Toxic people robotic detector

This is ridiculous, aren't we all need that robot but without slaps lol 😅

Zapier alternative

Beyond this startup idea, the conversation in the comments is amazing. Follow up.

DaaS Dip-as-a-Service

"Some people" need this, if you watched Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things then you come to realize the explosion of consumer unwated behaviours. This startup idea is underated from a consumer standpoint.

Healthy pizza

Lawyers-as-a-Service app

World traveler? Find your partner

These kinds of travel apps are many, but each one has specific features.

​For example, Flightaides connects air travelers (passengers) who need assistance, with fellow passengers who are happy to help, instead of relying on airlines, airports, or expensive hired companions. Find a match here. The second startup I find is Remote Year which gives you a whole community of travel partners you can travel and hang out with. Their business model relies on this: you bring your job and work remotely in the most inspiring destinations on the planet. Find programs and community here.

@levelsio built Nomadlist Dating a dating app and friend finder. This tool helps you discover new and interesting people nearby while traveling and working remotely around the world.

Grammarly for code people

​​That's it for this week. Thanks for reading all the startup ideas! If you have any startup ideas you would like to share, send a direct message on Twitter at this handle @meetmahmod.

​​See you next time with 10 more startup ideas 👀.

​​Mahmoud Aitelkatab

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