Open Letter to "Swissport Maroc"

Why companies should well treat their employees before and after crisis

This is an open letter to Swissport Maroc.

In the middle of 2019, I joined the Swissport Maroc, CLC department as an intern and then as a CLC agent after I succeeded on the CLC training requirements on balance, safety, operations, and passing all the interviews and exams.

Upon this success, the company made a success party for us. I joined a driven team to exercise the profession that matches my skillset and technical diploma in airports logistics and freight management. It was great. I was learning for the next 6 months until March 2020.

CLC means Centralized Load Control, a profession with a broad technical skills that requires aircraft balance and aircraft documentation, and can someone only exercise within an aviation and ground handling companies. Watch this film to learn more about CLC jobs.

The company Swissport Maroc is headquarted in Casablanca, Morocco.

As many aviation companies, operations requires procedures. Once COVID-19 hit Morocco, we handle few flights and the numbers of treated flights was in a horrible decrease. We spent nights with an empty list of flights due to Corona spreading. Every decision those companies should respond within procedures, like Eric Born did, the previous Swissport Chief Executive in the newsroom portal I was reading during those nights. A massive official lay offs in the countries that Swissport operates in.

However, the Moroccan company treated the workforce with ignorance, unprofessional behaviors, verbal orders to stay at home upon suspending the CLC services I was among it with my colleagues.

No official emails. No official announcements,

No response. No communication,

No feedback on our communication attempts.

'Without a trace' the CLC leadership ignored the CLC agent's situation.


My message to this company is this: before you schedule the worldwide flights, bring good people to your leadership.

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