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Web3, Crypto and Blockchain: Opportunities or Threats? 💭

The fast changing web is scary, what's it about?

Hi friends, Mahmoud here and this is my weekly update. If you already know what the blockchain is or you might hear about it before, today I would like to share something with you all.

🌱 Before starting, did you sign up for a kernal?

​You are missing a lot of 'STARTUPS SPORTS' -a.k.a- startup ideas validation frameworks from founders and investors. Kernal is an invite-only community​ to nurture, share and build your startup ideas. This network helps you find inspiration with resources on the good stuff.

​It's like 'Product Hunt' for startup ideas 🙀 and like 'Business Insider' for startup news 💼 but better, with a community model, and that's why I'm writing this here 😂.

Web3 communities and the Blockchain sh##t

​New communities are emerging on the internet by way of NFTs, giving individuals an opportunity to stake land and foster community in designated spaces constructed through residential avatars.

​In this context, web3 plays its role because it's a back-end revolution and nothing that makes your webspace more likeable or interactive.

​Since the novelties happen at the level of the code, it is not easy for the user to grasp what a huge revolution it is. Web3 changes our data structure as it democratizes information by giving all users the same level of accessibility.

​There is full transparency and privacy is preserved thanks to cryptography.

​There is no centralized entity governing the crypto-world, no bank issues any currency but bitcoins are regularly exchanged.

​The whole system works because there is an open-source protocol that everybody must agree with before performing network actions.

​☁️ Blockchain technology needs community collaboration and governance in a shared economy

​Obviously, there is a lot to figure out on the blockchain, tokens, and crypto economies. Watch this TEDx Talk presented by Voshmgir, the founder of Blockchain Hub and director of the Research Institute for Crypto Economics at the Vienna University of Economics.

🔮 The Community Manager Unconference (Event)

​🇬🇧 Today I 'traveled' virtually to London to attend the Community Managers Unconference, it was a great opportunity to meet new friends from the community ecosystem like James, Derek, and Vian, and learn new things as well as hear great ideas to feed my discovery experience.

​CMGR Unconference(s) is a hybrid (online + in-person) unconference for community managers (CMGR) and builders, and it's run by @jaCattell

The CMGR Unconference team completed 4 unconference sessions, including a lean coffee session to get through as many discussion topics as possible. The event was sponsored by the Rommies CommonRoomHQ and hosted by Newspeak House.

​I had the chance to share a few key learnings and mistakes I made in the past 3 years to better understand community frameworks during my community transitions.

The morning sessions of the first Community Manager Unconference discussion were about:

  1. ​A brief overview about community management,

  2. ​The role of the Community Manager throughout the lifecycle,

  3. ​Maintaining community momentum,

  4. ​Metrics - what to measure and how to measure community success.

​✍️ Community notes from Sam Villis

​Community builders are truly busy people, I saw Sam taking notes, contributing, and sharing ideas all at one time, lol 😂 KUDOS. Enjoy reading her notes below!

😃 Further Readings
📙 One Book: Token Economy

​The 'Token Economy' book is a great introduction to the economy of electronic tokens and a fascinating vision of web3. Shermin Voshmgir has a gift for explaining the complex technology of blockchains, tokens, and virtual currencies in a clear and straightforward way, especially for readers that are interested in the application of the technology but don’t have the technical background to keep up with the latest developments.

The book provides a pathbreaking contribution to understanding the intersection of cryptology, technology, and economics; an important subject that deserves further attention.

Voshmgir also paints an interesting picture of the new internet, with possibilities for greater control over the use of personal information, which could have major implications for employment and the role of governments.

​An enjoyable read that stimulates further thinking. Available on Amazon.

👀 One Tweet
👩 One Founder

​As you noticed, Voshmgir is the featured founder for this week.

​Voshmgir is the founder of Blockchain Hub and director of the Research Institute for Crypto Economics at the Vienna University of Economics. She is also an advisor of Jolocom, a blockchain-based identity protocol, and Wunder, a decentralized Art Museum.

That's it for this week, see you next time 😃

Mahmoud Aitelkatab

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