Unpizza Announcement

Subscription-based pizza delivered to your address in Casablanca

Hi friends, Mahmoud here. This is an announcement of a fun project I launched in my free time on the 17th of July 2021. It's called Unpizza.

The idea of Unpizza was born in conjunction with World Emoji Day, 17 July of the same year, and it is contextualized with my passion for Italian pizza. I notice myself ordering pizza whenever I want it but sometimes I don't have the time to go to the pizza restaurant or make an online order, so I asked myself why pizza can come to me on a regular basis, at the times I want, in exchange for an amount of money or for a pizza subscription. The idea flashed in my mind, I purchased the unpizza.co domain name and launched the landing page and start communicating my idea with my Facebook circle, some friends liked the idea but none of them was convinced to be paying customers (because it was silly and too funny like never before).

The PaaS (as I used to call it) is the Pizza-as-a-Service, the monthly pizza subscription, which you order and receive or gift 2 pizzas per month to your door or any address in Casablanca. (like your WiFi 😂).

Unpizza = subscription with 2 Pizzas with 'fibre optique' + on your time terms on any day of the month + resourceful content + community

Can you actually resist this one? 🍕

Each time I invite a bunch of friends for '1-to-1 pizza business and exchange meetings' and it was amazing the amount of value shared, so I added an email digest to the subscription. Basically, it was a random newsletter with 'cheesy' curated resources on the creator economy, entrepreneurship, and building startups.

It was under the motto "Pizza worth reading" like TED.com's motto.

Taking things further, I thought of opening free sessions last year on creator economy and community building but didn't have the chance.

It was a fun and enjoyable experience.

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Mahmoud Aitelkatab

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