Tuesday Chocolate Cookies

Yummy roundup under 3 minutes

​Hi friends, Mahmoud here.

​I sent this issue in under 30min, my brother wants the laptop, let us be quick while eating our golden-brown chocolate chip cookies 🍪.

💗 Gratitude: ​I received $100 from Lolita Taub, General Partner @ganasvc and community-driven cos investor passionate about empowering founders and changing the face of venture capital. Thanks for the gift, looking forward to my pitch deck review.

🎬 Announcement: community ops are evolving while the community economy is rising; read my community studio launch on Twitter, and all the details behind this launch.

​⚽️ Sports insight: Congratulations to the Lions of Teranga Champions of Africa, on the 🇸🇳 Senegal Africa Cup of Nations Winner 🏆.

🌳 I'm officially a landlord: I created a practice community (Telegram group) 'Mahmoud Land' to share what I learn and common interests with friends.

💭 The purpose: Discord is noisy, Facebook is evil, LinkedIn is spammy and Twitter doesn't fit all the friends I know. You can make new friends, and learn from others' wisdom, but remember every good party needs some rules, ours are short: no self-promotion, no spammy links, comment and give feedback.

​Here are some member goals:

​1. Become better and more knowledgeable about the internet economy;

​2. Grow within the community and friends;

​3. Find other members who share similar interests to connect with and learn more about their interests/passions.

​Business Goals are the following:

​1. Drive throughout leadership;

​2. Build trust and meaningful connections.

😂 One real joke

For students who are facing a lack of finding/funding an opportunity, here are three hilarious options (from me, but not hardly take it)

​1. Create a startup

​2. Create a virtual company

​3. Start a side hustle or ship a tiny product.

​3 cool jobs in January 2023

Want to learn web3 for free?

​I've applied to learn 'Web3 Fundamentals' at The Product House @0xTPH completely for free. Read more about this new foray and find details in my tweet.

Read community notes from Rosie Sherry's discord server.

​Rosie's thoughts and what she's working on:

  • ​Talked about where she'd like to take Rosieland.

  • ​"The world needs community more than ever".

  • ​"We feel more disconnected".

  • ​"We weren't created here to be alone".

  • ​She's working on the "Innovation House", a coworking-a-like meetup event on her house, hosted regularly, in-house, and globally.

​Mahmoud, what he's working on:

  • ​Cloud Cities community project: 'Casa Offline'' was made to bring Casablanca city residents, and people of all kinds to the online community on the Geneva chat app for clubs and communities.; the digital home will include different rooms that will be dedicated to sharing real-life city challenges + organizing different events and activities, offline (IRL).

  • ​Each interest will be set in a different room and community members (citizens) meet accordingly offline.

Veel participation

  • ​Mentioned how he is using NextDoor to meet up with locals, he's posted into the community and has 12 people interested, he's first doing an online thing, then doing an IRL one.

  • ​"Did an experiment of timing the points between a touch/hug/connection with someone". - Veel

  • ​'BuyNothing' is a community that Karaminder mentioned.

  • ​Seth Godin - "people don't know how to take initiative, we are taught not to. (Mentioned by Veel on 'the great resignation').

  • ​"Take the initiative of not labeling ourselves introverts, to get out there to do things".

​Thanks Lolita, Rosie, Karaminder, Vee, and Francisco.

And lastly, these are the top three mistakes to avoid in 2022

​1. Build in public

​2. Build a personal brand

​3. Build a community

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