An Ode to Resilience and Moroccan Innovation.

It is with immense pride and deep respect that I write to you, to celebrate the untamed spirit of TAMAGHRABIT. This essence, which animates the heart of every Moroccan, is the vibrant soul of our nation, the foundation on which our resilience and our thirst for innovation stand.

TAMAGHRABIT is this precious heritage passed down from generation to generation, a mosaic of cultures, traditions and values which forges our unique identity. It is the invigorating breath that crosses the centuries, nourishing our creativity and lighting our path towards a promising future.

Moroccan culture, a melting pot of knowledge and modernity, has instilled in its people the fundamental values of TAMAGHRABIT: respect for difference, open-mindedness, civic engagement and the incessant quest for progress.

Our Morocco, “that nothing stops”, carries within itself the strength and wisdom of its ancestors. His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may God preserve him, guides our nation with foresight and determination, charting a bright future for all his sons and daughters.

Faced with the multiple challenges that lie before us, TAMAGHRABIT inspires us to draw on our inner resources, to cultivate innovation and to face trials with unshakeable faith in our common destiny.

It is in this spirit that we, Moroccans, are committed to working for the well-being of our country, to contributing to its development and to promoting its image throughout the world.

TAMAGHRABIT is our compass, our source of inspiration and our driving force. Together, united in our diversity and proud of our Moroccanness, we will continue to write the glorious history of our nation.

TAMAGHRABIT, this essence which fundamentally distinguishes this Morocco “that nothing stops” is inscribed in the DNA of every Moroccan proud of his country, its institutions and its values. Our plural Kingdom, rich in its thousand-year-old history and strong in its diversity, cherished and transmitted from generation to generation, continues to advance, innovate and set an example despite the multiple challenges it faces.

Long live Morocco ! Long live TAMAGHRABIT!

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