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The Kingdom of Morocco economic strengths

Morocco is the only country in North Africa where foreign investors have the same rights as Moroccan investors. You can’t believe this, right?


The Kingdom of Morocco 🇲🇦 has several economic strengths, including :

1. Strategic geographical location : Morocco is situated at the crossroads of Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, making it a hub for international trade.

2. Developing infrastructure : The country has invested in developing its infrastructure, including modern ports, highways, and airports, facilitating international trade.

3. Prosperous agricultural sector : Agriculture, including the production of fruits, vegetables, and phosphates, is a cornerstone of Morocco's economy.

4. Growing manufacturing industry : Morocco has developed a competitive manufacturing industry, particularly in the automotive, aerospace, and textile sectors.

5. Tourism : Morocco attracts numerous tourists thanks to its rich culture, historical heritage, beaches, and favorable climate.

6. Foreign investment : The Moroccan Government has implemented incentives to attract foreign investment, spurring economic development.

7. Free trade agreements : hashtag#Morocco 🇲🇦 has signed numerous free trade agreements with other countries, promoting international trade.

These strengths contribute to Morocco's economic growth and its role as an economic hub in North Africa.

Trade Agreements

Free Trade Agreements of the Kingdom of Morocco 🇲🇦 :

- United Arab Emirates
- Egypt
- Jordan
- Tunisia
- Arab League
- Arab Mediterranean Countries (Agadir declaration)
- European Union
- Turkey
- United States of America

Comparing 3 North African countries, the situation is :

- Foreign investors wishing to set up a business in Tunisia or Algeria can only do so if they have a non-foreign local partner with at least 51% of the company's capital.

- In hashtag#Morocco 🇲🇦, however, there is no obligation to have a local partner.

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