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Hello friends, Mahmoud here. I applied to join Kernal for a community role. Kernal is a platform to share and validate your startup idea and build in public with the support of world-class founders, advisors, and investors.

I sent one story and recorded a video to explain how I can be valuable to their community team + 10 community ideas covering insights to grow the new startup and set up their ambassador program.

​Entrepreneurs and makers often share startup ideas for free, this is why I'm resharing a few of the best ideas I come across. Each other Saturday I will share with you startup ideas from startup friends so you can build your next thing.

✨ A special shout-out to Raz Rashid for all his amazing and powerful ideas to build startups and internet companies that solve problems people have on a daily basis.

​👨 Creator: Raz Rashid is one of my Twitter friends and makers who continuously shares his ideas to build internet startups. I hope his ideas can inspire you to start building something you want.

💼 Company: Raz Rashid is building Tippy Money to help creators get paid and earn money for what they tweet. His startup provides a simple way to accept tips and start earning from your Tweets. The platform is 100% free to use and payments are secured. You can be a creator or you can become a supporter or both. It's up to you.

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🚀 Let's discover his list of ongoing startup ideas.

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​That's it for this week. Thanks for reading all the startup ideas! If you have any startup ideas you would like to share, hit me up on Twitter at this handle @meetmahmod.

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