5 Social Media Marketing Academies You Should Know

Get certified from the world-class social media academies

1. Facebook Blueprint

Discover online learning courses, training programmes and certification that can help you get the most out of Meta technologies.

2. Twitter Flight School

Twitter Flight School has everything you need to learn more than just Likes and Retweets. From sparking conversations and creating new connections to launching a campaign.

3. Snapchat Focus

Get Certified in Snapchat Marketing and learn everything you need to know about marketing on Snapchat from creative to ads.

4. TikTok Business Learning Center

From introduction to running TikTok ads campaigns, learn the basics and get expertise using the modules and courses in this learning hub.

5. LinkedIn Marketing Labs

Learn the science of marketing to professional with LinkedIn and experiment, learn, and get the most out of advertising on LinkedIn with free online training.

That's it! Share with me your learning journey 😉

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