I Quit My Job But....

The story behind my scam in 2022, digital projects and fake entrepreneurs in Morocco

​Well, I quit my job to...

​The story began on January 2022 when I met an entrepreneur from my Facebook circle. He was a scammer and the owner of a fake company (digital marketing agency).

Two months ago (November and December 2022) and while I was finishing the final works of the annual roadmap to launch my media brand Espace Logistique, I met that person from my Facebook circle, he was well-known as a senior entrepreneur, featured on TV programs and entrepreneurship and startups events.

He invited me to join his team as a Digital Marketing Project Manager and to be one of the founding team members of the new digital agency he was building. I accepted his offer under the condition, that the payment will be after finishing the client's projects, which we did as a team of designers, content creators, and media buyers; but as soon as he received the cheque from the clients, he decided to change the city and block us all on social media.

During the first six months of 2022, I joined the 'fake agency', I found the business structure of each project, made processes, set up the digital work environment, and the creatives recruitment process. Each step and each month was a challenging experience for me in my new role as team leader.

When the truth was exposed, I warned all the clients of the scam we had as a team, because no one was paid for his work for 6 months. I contacted a lawyer and collect all the evidence I have against this scam but the team was already gone, so no one suits him for what he did.

I decided to quit that mess with $0!

​"I quit my 'real' work as a community business development manager' inside a 'fake' agency I built from scratch to go full-time as an independent, all this led me to start a new fragrance line". Hilarious.

Mahmoud Aitelkatab

​I took a break for 1 month to figure out what I should do. My financial situation was extremely limited. I didn't have any money, because I was relying on getting paid after the project deliverables are done.

​Today's issue, you will discover:

  • ​Good things on the go

  • ​'Hire My Friends' micro launch

  • ​Trend-Driven Innovation

  • ​My personal ideas for the week

💛 Good News

​😃 Unconference Sponsorship x Rosie Land

​Last week, I had the opportunity to talk to James from the CMGR Unconferences, to offer my skills in community operations (management, strategy, documentation, engagement, and content) and I was surprised by their genuine sponsorship. They'll monetize my membership to be part of the Rosie Land paid membership on Slack.

​📚 Literal Clubs

​Last week, I launched two book clubs thanks to Mihai's early acceptance, eventually, he upgraded my invitations to 100 after a thoughtful conversation and sent a few emails to some community friends recommending Literal experience.

​The book clubs I created are: the first book club is for generalists who want to network with avid readers, entrepreneurs, and passion-led founders. Afterwork Lab Book Club

​The second book club is for logistics students and specialists who want to follow up with recent trends, insights, and industry publications. Espace Logistique Book Club

​Claim a free invitation without waiting for 7-days access

​🌆 City Chapters - Business of Purpose

​I applied for the City Lead role to represent Casablanca with the aim of boosting purpose-driven business locally, along with other 20 City Chapters in sprawling urban hubs around the world, from Amsterdam to Bogota, Berlin, London, Singapore, and New York City.

🎯 'Hire My Friends' launch

​After helping a few students ensure logistics job opportunities and project internships, I now take things to the generalist perspective by helping anyone who wants to work full-time, part-time, or just freelance.

​'Hire my friends' is an open dashboard on my personal Notion that match-make creatives who applied on the form to find their next opportunity. The dashboard will be shared on my newsletter campaigns and it'll be accessible to startup founders, local communities, and small companies who can hire our friends by looking at the displayed information, skills, and experiences.

​The best scenario is to get hired in your city (locally) or remotely (globally).

Trend-driven Innovation Webinar

​Here are so many learnings on how to track and use trends and innovations for purpose-driven business models, you will learn about consumer trends, how to unleash innovation, the expectation effect, and shop-streaming experiences in e-commerce businesses.

✨ Eid Mubarak

​I wish Eid Mubarak to all Muslim friends who celebrating EID AL ADHA with their families or with themselves across the globe.

​💡 Ideas of last week:

  • ​Think to push things forward for a fully digital experience inside our startup, Espace Logistique, including the financial situation of the team members.

  • ​Explore startups ideas thanks to current and stupid problems.

  • ​Adding self-FAQs and use them in case of getting repetitive questions.

  • ​Add a cultural bucket list for startups' lifestyle and growth requirements.

​See you next week, in a new weekly update.

​Mahmoud Aitelkatab

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