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​Hello, passionate people! Are you making economy (living) from you passion works? ​I've decided to do a two-part series on passion economy resources so you can easily learn more about the new economy and join the making ecosystem.

In this first part, I will spotlight passion economy resources that pique my interest and that are pushing forward the broader ecosystem. Today's piece focuses on videos, articles, and newsletters written by founders and investors. My hope is that this series highlights compelling content from entrepreneurs while offering a window into passion's mainstream potential.

​If there are interesting passion economy founders and companies you'd recommend meeting or writing about, or if you're making this path too, let me know, I'd love to learn more.

With that, on to the rise of the Passion Economy.

​A loyal and active community of clients is essential to be a success in the Passion Economy. But how can you develop a tribe of raving fans?


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​Entrepreneur Tools

​An online directory is a comprehensive resource of tools and technologies (mostly SaaS) for startups, entrepreneurs and innovators around the world. Bookmark this page and discover tools for your Startup Stack. Discover Website

​Startup Stash

​A curated directory of resources and tools to help you build your startup. It includes 400 products in 40 categories, like for example: idea generation, early users, marketing, raising capital and customer support. Each category consists of 10 handpicked resources and tools, all with their own detail page that displays some info about the product. Discover Website

​That's it for this week, I will add more materials on the second-part (articles, newsletters, tweets, podcasts, videos) next time. See you soon!

​Mahmoud Aitelkatab

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