Everything You Should Know about Morocco Now 2021

Morocco Now National Investment and Export Brand Launch

The recent global challenges are generating new requirements:

  • Growing pressure around climate change - consumers expectations and new regulations - require to move to decarbonized production.

  • Supply chain challenges during COVID crisis triggered global value chains reorganization towards less global dependency, more regional integration.

Morocco up to now stability and visionary decisions

Long-lasting stability rooted in the monarchical pact

“Centuries-old country, Morocco is a united nation, shaped by a common history. It draws its strength from national cohesion and from unanimous support around its sacred symbols.”

His Majesty King Mohammed VI, Throne Speech, 31st July 2021

20 years of determined transformation

  • Early Decision To Go For Free Trade Agreements

  • Top Class Trade And Transports Infrastructures

  • Massive Investment In Renewable Energies Since 2009

Shaped a leading industrial and exporting platform

World Fastest Growing Automotive Cluster

  • #1 Producer in Africa

  • 700K Vehicles Production Capacity

  • 27% of total Moroccan exports in 2019, X10 in 20 years

Fast Emerging Aerospace Industry

  • 20% Average Growth

  • #1 Aerospace equipment exporter in Africa

Booming Exportations

Now, Morocco has the ambition to go a step further while being the most attractive destination to invest in the region. This ambition will be supported by a new identity.

The future-proof industrial platform to capture opportunities in a changing world relies on a successful track record of business transformation execution that makes the destination a reliable place to invest.

Now Sustainable

  • Renewable energies represent 37% of the energy mix in 2020

  • Renewable energies objective of 52% by 2030

  • 1st Producer of renewable energies in Africa

  • 4GW of installed capacity in 2021, investment of $ 6 billion

Now Competitive

  • Best cost offer based on competitive production and export costs

  • 327 $/month average labor cost

  • 156 $/container cost to export, the most competitive in the region

  • Privileged access to an international market of more than 1 billion consumers thanks to 54 FTAs

  • Gateway to be part of Africa’s fast growth potential

Now Well-Proven

Strong track record in:

  • Foreign investment: automotive and aerospace ecosystems, textile and agro-industry

  • Delivering mega projects : infrastructures (transport & logistics), renewable energy (solar & wind farms)

  • Made possible by investing in educating its young population - 152 OOO graduates/year.

Now Agile

The capacity to quickly adapt is part of Morocco's DNA as illustrated recently during COVID.

Swift reallocation of industrial production capacity towards health equipment (e.g. masks, respirators), best in class vaccination roll out paving the way to a quick path to recovery.

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