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Hello friends, 👋. It’s Tuesday, and like I promised yesterday, I will share with you the weekly “Mahmoud Hive" email and few resources and reads to help on your growth. Let’s boogie:

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‘50 Cents Effects’

Do you remember the Golden Biscuit? It’s a simple biscuit with 9-pieces inside at a price of 1 dirham.

I took a piece from my little brother (he’s 23 years old), surprisingly, he shared with me the thing: the old version was containing 9 pieces at a 1-dirham cost, right now, they decreased the amount of pieces to 6 and kept the same price, and add half a dirham (50 cents) to the same old version (to increase sales).

So, mainly:
🍪 9-pieces = 1.5 dirham
🍪 6-pieces = 1 dirham

Me saying, why just we cannot have 3-pieces for 50 cents?

This old-fashioned pricing strategy works to frame the consumer behavior purchase in the selected options in the most ridiculous ways, but none of them works when the consumer decides to not go in this consumer companies' games. “We get it!” “Bill collectors keep comin when a nigga, fucked up, to get money, money” 50 Cent.

A 50 cents may seem a neglected amount for a 6-piece of biscuits, however, in the global economy it’s an eye-ball. My father explained to me the following, that whenever we buy an item (here in Morocco), we pay 20% in taxes to the government, and — he continued: they will remove the entire 20% in some consumer goods to encourage people to buy more, but in reality, we pay it on all cases, in all items.

If you know, you know, but you can check the lyrics.

Growth Marketing Resources

  • John McBride covers the three phases of growth management: high-level strategy, quarterly planning, and in-quarterly planning. This can be seen as a complicated marketing, but the growth marketing knowledge can quick the business ass to gain more growth on all streams levels.

  • Want to become great at growth marketing? Explore this certification training program and gain a holistic understanding of growth across all channels and on organizational level. Grow now with this Growth Marketing Training.

  • Pizza Hut has launched a new campaign called “Your Mood, Your Pizza” in India that aims to provide a personalized and innovative ordering experience for its customers. The campaign features an AI-powered mood detector device that analyzes the facial cues and expressions of the customers and suggests pizzas that best match their moods. The device uses a statistical model that compares the face patterns of the customers against a database of hundreds of thousands of publicly available images and offers pizza recommendations in both veg and non-veg variants from Pizza Hut’s new range of 10 exciting and unique flavors. I told this to a guy working in Pizza Hut at Anfa Street, he said: “hehe, woot!” 👀 🍕

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In case you're new: Who's Mahmoud?

For those who don’t know me well, here’s my quick background:

  • I’m a guy who growing up was so simple but full of childhood adventure. I was just OK at everything, and I was completely forgettable.

  • My first title ever was “BATMAN”, awarded ‘thanks to’ my adventure sense of courage to jump from the second roof in 1999.

  • My girlfriend, called me ‘My Batman’, because she know the story only, not because I work in two jobs, one in the day and the other at night (Don’t tell her).

  • Inside, I always wanted to be special somehow at something, but I never found my thing.

  • Finally — the higher education level I reached is 2-years after Baccalaureate, I quitted college in 2015 to pay a 4-years debt and invest a 7,000 dirhams to learn during the raise ‘passion economy’ back in 2020, after quitting an aviation and load control 9-to-5 role. It was the first time I learned about business, startups, creators, and the art of making money.

  • I got obsessed, and decided to try to get rich, and make my first million dollars, but I realised it takes years of making my crafts.

  • Now, I’m 30, and get to spend my days working, investing in eCommerce, and creating content like this to share experience, and for fun for the next generation. My goal is to be the best version of myself and be the mentor I wish had when I was in my twenties.

See you next week.


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