👀5 Hive Monday 👀 — I've got good & bad news

Good news and bad news this week.

So….I have good news and bad news.

Which do you want first?

(fun fact, 4 out of 5 people pick “bad news first.” Something that humans and massage parlors have in common - they both want happy endings).

Alright — Bad news it is:

  • I will no longer be sending the same emails on this email list.

Yep, this is the last email you’ll get from [email protected]

If you need a moment to shed a tear, that’s OK. I’ll wait. 👀 

Cool — The good news:

  • I’m not going away. I’m just changing the content pivots to my new directions I set: email marketing, consumer/business trends, and resources to help people grow.

  • Bonus good news… not only will you still be getting my Hive Monday emails — I’m going to be sending you new emails that I think you’ll love.

Each Monday, I’ll email you my weekly curated newsletter, featuring interesting reads on marketing and business trends, tools and resources to help you grow! The first email you’ll get tomorrow.

I’m going to write 20 email, and see how people like it. All I need from you is your honest feedback. If you love em, tell me. If you hate em, let it rip.

The first email comes out tomorrow! It will come from [email protected]

— Mahmoud

P.S. for those who don’t know me well, here’s my quick background:

  • I’m a guy who growing up was so simple but full of childhood adventure. I was just OK at everything, and I was completely forgettable.

  • My first title ever was “BATMAN”, awarded ‘thanks to’ my adventure sense of courage to jump from the second roof in 1999.

  • My girlfriend, called me ‘My Batman’, because she know the story only, not because I work in two jobs, one in the day and the other at night (Don’t tell her).

  • Inside, I always wanted to be special somehow at something, but I never found my thing.

  • Finally — the higher education level I reached is 2-years after Baccalaureate, I quitted college in 2015 to pay a 4-years debt and invest a 7,000 dirhams to learn during the raise ‘passion economy’ back in 2020, after quitting an aviation and load control 9-to-5 role. It was the first time I learned about business, startups, creators, and the art of making money.

  • I got obsessed, and decided to try to get rich, and make my first million dollars, but I realised it takes years of making my crafts.

  • Now, I’m 30, and get to spend my days working, investing in eCommerce, and creating content like this to share experience, and for fun for the next generation. My goal is to be the best version of myself and be the mentor I wish had when I was in my twenties.

And now, for your regularly scheduled program, here are best tweets I saw this week.

1 👀 No one will notice your crafts in the beginnings

2 Extra work, plus work is what differs qualities over quantities

3 Never Quit Your Jobs Until You have something in your bank account

4 Never sleep on this exercise

5 If you know you know!

👀P.S. Which tweet was good for you? Reply with a number.

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