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Indie Building Problems

Like many builder and maker types, I have a problem with domain name buying habits. I thought it would be fun to share some unused domains and what I planned to do with them (or actually did with them, but then gave up on them). I'll let most of these expire, but if you're interested in buying any, please let me know.

.ma is the internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Morocco. Most Moroccan projects and businesses buy the .ma TLD. However, I notice a lot are biased toward acquiring .ma for the exact domain name they have in .com TLD. I was one of them until I decided to keep for my first community business in the digital logistics sector.

I bought this domain name many years ago, and I was hoping to create an information hub for the supply chain and logistics in African countries. The site was supposed to be a hub for news and trends about the Moroccan and African supply chains.

I was in a coffee shop when this idea popped up from a friend. The idea was about re-commerce in the city where I live, Berrechid, I acquired the domain name for 1 year but as soon as I gave up on the idea of e-commerce complexity on the Chinese supply chain and customs.

You're now saying wait a minute! Yes, I acquired this two years ago and still have to this day, but I without attempting to build the city portal, No!

Chefchaouen with an "e" is the blue pearl in Morocco and it's one of the most famous cities in the world. I think I will build a wear brand in the future once I have ROI on other projects

Morocco has a long history of traditional craftsmanship and hand-made items, whether on leather, fabric, jewelry, pottery, copper, and others. "Made in Morocco" is the Moroccan brand to export our expertise of Moroccan products shipped to global markets. I bought the to export the Moroccan mindset. If you noticed, it's about making now, not the past, made.

I never started this project. I wanted to be a curating central hub for community-building knowledge, with all kinds of content, articles, tweets, threads, communities, videos, and courses. Never saw the light. The domain name expired after one year o the acquisition.

I have tons of bookmarked contents, links, websites, newsletters, resources, and lists of experts in the community building world. I wanted to make a directory on this but I found many directories and websites doing the same thing. So it was good for me I found what I'm looking for without building it.

What was I thinking?

A subscription-based site that brings you two pizzas a month to your address or any chosen address of your choice in Casablanca city. The idea was fun but without paying customers, so I closed the project.

It was a very hot day, last summer 2022, I couldn't find a good hat to wear. Taraza is Rif head wear, known in the mountains of the great Atlas. I thought I can bring innovation to this type of wear by fusing the doom material made from the hat and the renewable energy of sun by a small solar panels for personal use only. I soon as I gave on this.

In 2021, I watched the "Game of Thrones" series and I was fascinated by the series events and how they communicated letters and news. Ravens were the messengers. In 2022, I asked my brother Abdessadek if we could make an electric bike messenger that is green, sustainable, eco-responsible and environmental friendly. The answer is yes, but who know, we might build a e-bike delivery company in the coming future.

I get rid of this unproductive habit and I'm fully focusing on my main projects. Focus equals powers Robinson says, I'm doing better by focusing on what I have instead of building what I won't need, so hopefully, most of these domains will expire or be sold and I'll own way fewer domain names in a year or so.

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