DaVinci-styled 'Mahmoud'

Monalisa-like portraits generated by Artificial Intelligence

​Hello friends, Mahmoud here. Happy Valentines Day to all! Spread love, and wisdom and be a good person to all.

After one week of creating my Telegram land; 'Mahmoud Community' we had a friendly meeting rolling on community importance, building habits, co-marketing philosophy, and sharing ideas on what others were working. I had the chance to present my roadmap of the logistics community I was running for the past six years, and how I'm envisioning things for what's coming next. This roadmap that serves this hybrid community model for logistics and transport in Morocco took me two months and a half, starting from November 2021 to the middle of January 2022, preparing all the possible processes (structure, onboarding, automation, collaborations, demos days, interviews with experts, marketing campaigns, content calendars, and community programs).

S/O Boujamaa, Abdellatif, Boutaina, and Ikram for making this happen.

​We covered a few things like:

  • The community vision is a fundamental stone of the project

  • ​Community vs groups and networks

  • ​Community volume vs community value

  • Community studio model vs product studio model

  • ​Community building frameworks and how we can learn from/with people by bringing them together to the community

  • ​Community economy and the future of what we are trying to achieve

  • ​The difference between the minimal viable community (MVC) and the minimal viable product (MVP).

​Innovation: DaVinci Face AI Project

​This week, I spotted a new software service that portrays you as a Monalisa-like portrait using deep learning and artificial intelligence. This company is called the DaVinciFace -they developed an AI-driven software based on Deep Learning to generate DaVinci’s style portraits from any photo of a human face.

​As a person who's trend-watching new things coming from the technology world and the internet economy, I find this project interesting because it uses artificial intelligence as a gateway to creating portraits.

Drawing a human face is challenging, but making it under 2 minutes can be quite disruptive for portrait artists. Is it really the end of human creation versus what's happening every day in the software and tech? From the creator's perspective, it can be either disruptive or helpful.

​This AI software uses 'GAN technology', which stands for Generative Neural Network.

"Art is never finished, only abandoned". - Leonardo Da Vinci

​A scary fact about the DaVinciFace project is that getting your DaVinci’s style portrait in a few minutes requires more than 500 million parameters for training the convolutional neural network, all leveraged by the Deep Learning technology and trained on DaVinci’s most famous portraits such as “La Gioconda” or “La Belle Ferronière”.

​Leonardo Da Vinci is right, art can never be finished, it's rising!

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