Conversation With Diana Briceño

Lessons on human-centered content on business growth.

Hello friends, Mahmoud here. This post-interview was published on the 3rd of October 2021 with my friend Diana Briceno from VEED.

In today’s AMA conversation, I talked to Diana from VEED company, she’s the Head of Content at VEED and People-Centric Social Media Strategist, obsessed with video, writing, branding, and comedy. She’s also helping creators stand out on Social and Video Content by documenting her daily journey.

What is the best and funniest way to present Diana?

Haha because I just looked at my student loan debt and it makes me want to cry I'd say:

"Diana is a design school dropout who acquired $70,000 in student loan debt. But hey at least she realized she was destined to be a marketer and never needed the degree in the first place! She now leads content at VEED and hopes her future children will opt for a career path where a degree is not mandatory to succeed".

Diana Briceño

We have a common perspective, it's the people-centric content. Can you explain this concept to our community members?

There's product-centric and there's people-centric content.

Product-centric content will tell you the features whereas people-centric will translate those features into a clear benefit for you.

Apple could just say their iPad has 5G and assume everyone gets it. But instead, they say 5G: Superfast cellular speeds.

☞ Example: Casper Mattresses

Casper–the mattress brand– could list the features of their mattress and hope you understand why they should mean something to you. Their Wave Hybrid Mattress has gel pods, perforations, a layer of latex, encased springs, and a layer of memory foam.

So what? I don't understand. And perforations? I don't want freaking HOLES in my bed hahaha.

So instead they tell you how this is the 'best mattress for back pain giving you less aching, more sleeping'. Instead of calling it "gel pods" they call it "Zoned Support Max" and then share how it’s made of gel pods that support ergonomic zones.

Or instead of just saying there are perforations they call it 'AirScape' and talk about how thousands of perforations in all 3 layers make for a cool-to-touch gel to keep your body at the right temperature for sleep.

Tell us about your experience with human-centered content.

Long story short, creating content around my personal brand and quitting jobs faster helped me become a better content marketer.

Too many companies want to pitch in their content before they've earned the attention and trust to tastefully do this. Quitting faster helped me avoid staying in places that didn't give me any value as a marketer.

I care more about the knowledge and happiness a job gives me than being miserable but looking good on paper.

Thinking like this led me to the right clients and ultimately employers whose values are honest and align with mine: to make the best content out there for our audience. Now, my personal brand is like my content playground. I don't need anyone's approval to experiment.

Having my own content has taught me how to better connect with people so I can help them. It has also created somewhat of a fan base which is super beautiful because I see and feel the support from my audience at work!

Many of my followers are VEED supporters. How cool is that?!

There are a lot of underestimated makers who do not make enough video content and be themselves to express their voices and values.What advice can you give them?

I wish I had a more gentle way to say this but you just have to do it. Maybe it's just how I was raised but being comfy enough until I felt ready wasn't an option. The truth is you will never really feel ready. The sooner you accept you will be absolutely awkward the better. You're supposed to suck at first and that's the fun part because a year later you can see and hear the difference.

Ok but if I absolutely need to find an "easy" way to start I'd say:

  1. Become a better writer (it's the single most important skill that helps you with all kinds of content formats).

  2. Become a better writer (it's the single most important skill that helps you with all kinds of content formats).

Your favorite fruit? Guessing's Banna 🍌 😂

You'd think it's bananas...but actually, I love raspberries the most (especially frozen). They are like little clusters of happiness.

Should I put a raspberry in my ears for my next profile pic or will I look like I have a bizarre health condition?

Your favorite book?

Harry Potter (all of the books) I might go to Harry Potter World soon. I plan to go in Hogwarts robes and buy a wand (if you know this pandemic can just be over 😆).

You recently talked about how brands should be relatable, what key lessons would you highlight on this?

Let go of what being professional should look, sound, and feel like.

You're not creating content FOR stakeholders, your coworker, your Twitter bestie, your mom, or anyone else who's NOT your target audience. But a lot of brands fail at content because their marketers (and other decision-makers) can't be open-minded, challenged, or communicate internally with anyone who can influence the direction of content.

Being relatable doesn't mean crying on camera or divulging private details on a personal level.

Relatability is born when you can empathize with your audience and find ways you can tell stories that show you get them and speak their "language".

For example, I can share 5 video content tips with you but so can anybody else who does a little bit of research. So instead the angle I would go at it from is this:[Example from a blog intro of mine]

Today I have 5 practical video content creation tips I live by (some of which you might’ve not heard of before) that you can implement today.

I’ve researched, scripted, recorded, and edited well over 7,000+ pieces of video content from my own Instagram stories to Reels to behind-the-scenes work of VEED's YouTube content. At this point, it’s like second nature.

I'm not sharing private details here but I am being relatable by showing people I have been in their shoes before. I believe any person or brand can do this.

What's the coolest thing you have seen a brand or a person achieve using video content?

I was going to refer to the famously viral Dollar Shave Club video. But everyone (at least us marketers) already knows that right? 🤪

I had never been involved in helping create a team of video creators, guidelines, and SEO best practices around video content. So for me, the coolest thing has been my experience at VEED (the online video editing startup I work for).

Alec – VEED's first YouTube video creator and now YouTube team lead – is an absolute beast. Go check him out on our channel!

Our YouTube channel went from 0 to 30,000 subscribers in a year and a half. But most importantly it drives 40,000 to 50,000 new visitors to our site every month, and from that traffic, we get 150+ conversions every month (approximately $30,000 in revenue from the traffic coming from YouTube).

Figuring out how to make content that captures attention and then how to turn that attention to quality traffic was fascinating.

There's still so much room for improvement but it has been amazing to see it grow from nothing to something.

What's the hardest part of being a Content Maker and why should creators make their original content?

At first, the hardest part is actually creating and publishing your work without letting comparison get to you. But as you mature in your career you overcome the fear.

I believe the hardest and most important thing to be aware of is not being as psychologically manipulated. Everything is designed to keep you glued to the screen from the platform's algorithms, user interface, and 24/7 information overwhelm from the 100+ people you follow.

Why make original content? Because bad content is unoriginal.

Great content is 1% better than whatever is already posted about the topic. Whether original means weaving in stories from your experience or running then sharing your own research, slow down and think more deeply about how each post can be better than what is already said on the subject.

Where community members can find you?

You can find me mainly on Twitter @dianagetssocial and if I have something to dive deep into I post it on my site

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