CGEM Inaugural Meeting 2024

I met local entrepreneurs in the region Settat-Berrechid in this Commission inaugural meetup.

A look back at photos of the event organized by the International and Startups Commission of the General Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises (CGEM) Settat-Berrechid, chaired by Mr Ismail CHEIKH-LAHLOU.

It was an exceptional opportunity to bring together passionate local entrepreneurs and innovative startups from our region to discuss, exchange ideas and explore new opportunities.

The event was a key moment to introduce CGEM Settat-Berrechid region and its services to emerging entrepreneurs, while recognizing the daily challenges they face.

The presence and encouragement of the office members, Ms. SOUAD MOCHRIK and Mr. Ismail CHEIKH-LAHLOU were invaluable in inspiring and guiding young entrepreneurs on the path to success.

The CGEM is the voice of the private sector in Morocco, created in 1947, it represents more than 90,000 direct and affiliated members, including 95% from TPME. It has established itself as the official representative of the private sector to public authorities, social partners and institutions.

The CGEM carries the voice of the Moroccan private sector by representing it, defending its interests at regional, national and international levels and working for a business climate favorable to the act of entrepreneurship.

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