Areej Fragrance Announcement

I launched a new fragrance line

Hello friends, it’s official. I’m launching soon a new fragrance line called Areej.

Elon musk can't compete with our new fragrance

This is how I announced Areej. It’s funny to say this, but on the date, Elon Musk announced his new ‘hair fragrance’ line, I made a pre-announcement of what I was working on with my brother, Abdessadek, and Reda Allah from August 2022. The transition from rockets, space tourism, and electric cars to weird fragrances. I tweeted this announcement as a thread, claiming that he cannot compete with us 😂. Hilarious!

Few details about the new line: Areej Fragrance

Since September 2022, we set a bold statement for a long-term vision to manufacture good quality products that are proudly Moroccan-made.

Yes, that's right.

I picked the name ‘Areej’ because it’s naturally reflects anything that smells good in Arabic language. We mainly our company is doing things differently.

Although frankincense and incense is being exported from different places in the world like Asia and Middle East, we manufacture our specific signature using frankincense, amber, and Cambodian oud.

What's it about?

‘Frankincense’ is ancient and fabled aromatic tree resin, uses as a fragrant perfume and reported by a multitude of sources. At least as early as 1500 BC.

Our Vision:

Innovate thousands of years of historical feelings.

Our Mission:

Make incense and frankincense affordable, accessible, and inclusive.


We make mythical incense that's better for the world.

Mahmoud & Abdessadek Aitelkatab

Don't love Frankincense?

No worries!

Areej Fragrance incense makes your sentiments dance or get wise 😜.

The short story:

Areej Fragrance was born out of one idea, several boxes of incense and frankincense, and two brothers with a plan to make mindfulness more accessible.

Our goal is two-fold: one is to leave the world a better place than we found it, and two, people better off before they found us.

So we set out to create a considered solution to what we saw as some major issues around our mindfulness, productivity, and health!

Areej Fragrance Announcement

Photoshoot of few incense and frankincense line of products

At the same time -at every step- we balanced quality, sustainability, and design.

At the moment we have frankincense & luxurious incense.

Upcoming drops

  • Fruits collection

  • Herbals collection

  • Mythic sentiments

  • Areej Oud & Maamoul

  • Areej community.

Join our adventure, it's timeless.

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