Afterwork Club Announcement

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​What's Afterwork Club about?

​​Afterwork Club is a hybrid invite-only community for today's makers and entrepreneurs of all kinds, gathering to share their shifts, experiences, and passion-led projects.

​Why it's important?

​It's never been easy to build and grow a community on the internet. Today, we see new movements and new economies. The community economy is taking the leap as we observe brand communities, niche communities, product-based communities, and others, and maybe we will see a lot of community studios as a new growth gateway for the new economy of startups and companies around the world.

For that reason, I launched the Afterwork Club as part of the Afterwork Lab community studio.

​​Where the club is hosted?

We run free coffee days once a month during the weekends and the online community is hosted on the Geneva application for chat, clubs, and communities.

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