99 [Startup] Problems

Startup between myths and real problems

99 Startup Problems

There are a number of myths about startups that this post aims to disprove.

​Myth 1: that startups don't need to start with a problem.

​Myth 2: that startups don't need one initial customer segment to focus on.

​Myth 3: that startups can serve multiple use cases that solve multiple problems for multiple customer segments, all from the very beginning.

​All three of those statements are false in almost every case.

​Every giant tech company you know today started off with one important problem felt by one specific customer segment. Nailing that initial problem for that customer segment is what allowed them to scale to other products, additional use cases, and new customer segments.

Opinion X spent over 100 hours trawling through old interviews, press releases, and pitch competition archives to find the very first time each founder talked about the problem they were solving and for who.

​Read about the initial problems and customer segments that 99 of the world’s biggest tech companies first set out to address.

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